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Auto Accidents / Injuries


Auto Accidents / Injuries

Accidents happen! Most of the time we can fix your injuries and avoid having a long term condition. If addressed quickly, injuries can be minimized and even eliminated. If left untreated, injuries that could have been treated easily and successfully can become permanent. Don’t let this happen to you. Inform yourself about the dangers of even the smallest injuries if left untreated. We have compiled literature and videos about auto accidents that will help you get informed. If you want to know what really happens during an accident and want to know the facts, click here!

Don’t let an accident affect you for the rest of your life!

Our patients benefit from convenience and sensitivity:

New patients are usually seen the same day.

If you need chiropractic care, we will provide it.

If you need medical care in conjunction with our services, we will refer you to a medical specialist experienced in treating auto injuries.

If you need legal advice, we provide complementary legal referral through our network of attorneys.

Attorney liens accepted.

If we feel you can benefit from massage therapy or home exercises, we will provide it.

We accept auto insurance or attorney representation.

We will file all insurance claim forms for you. Auto accident injuries are usually covered 100% by insurance.

We provide diagnostic testing, physiotherapy, diagnostic x-ray evaluations and all rehabilitation.

Our doctors will provide impairment ratings as well as expert testimony if indicated.

Together our team will make sure that you are properly treated, your injuries are allowed to fully and correctly heal, and your legal rights are protected.